Heirloom Family Portraits: For generations to come.

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Family portraits make great Christmas cards

The most unexpected family portrait available.

We wanted to create a family portrait that said something about your family.

We also wanted it to be a LOT of fun for everyone!

These are wildly popular for creative holiday cards that your friends are sure to gush over!

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What makes your family portrait timeless?

  • Classic portrait artistry that never goes out of style
  • Exquisite presentation that will look stunning in your home today and decades from now.
  • Meticulously hand crafted with museum grade materials
  • Custom designed to represent your family's style and personality

As a classic family portrait photographer, I believe it's my responsibility to create family portraits that are beautiful today, and priceless tomorrow.

Studio family portrait

You Are Family.

You laugh, you cry, and you persevere TOGETHER.

You spend every day sharing life’s up and downs, and no matter what, you have a history, and a future together.

You love your family more than anything, and you want to cherish each milestone...forever.

Moments pass, time flies, and before you know it, your family will change.

You have only one chance to capture a portrait of your family, just as it is today.  A portrait, decades from now your children will cherish, and pass on to their children.

Houston area family photographer Sandy Flint creates heirloom quality family portraits that reach deep into the heart of your family, and offer a peek at the soul of who you are.

At Sandy Flint Photography, we're not just an ordinary family photographer.  We are west Houston's premier family portrait studio, offering classic, fine art portraits that your family will cherish for many generations to come.  To learn more about our heirloom family portraits, give us a call.