Family portraits by Portrait Photographer Sandy Flint |Katy, Tx | Houston, Tx

Hi!  I'm Sandy Flint, a family portrait photographer in the Katy area.

I believe that your family portraits should do more than just capture what you look like.  They should also say something about who you are. 

You are not just a bunch of people living in the same house.


You're FAMILY.


You laugh, you cry, and you persevere TOGETHER.

You spend every day sharing life’s up and downs, and no matter what, you have a history, and a future together.

You love your family more than anything, and you want to cherish each milestone...forever.

Moments pass, time flies, and before you know it, your family will change.

Your family portraits should explore the uniqueness of your relationships, and the emotions behind the unbreakable bonds that bring you even closer together.

Houston area family portrait photographer Sandy Flint creates portraits that reach deep into the heart of your family, and offer a peek at the soul of who you are.

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