Classic family portrait hanging above a fireplace

5 Reasons Fall is the Perfect Time for a Family Portrait!

And why you should stop putting it off!

Fall is such a wonderful time of year.  First, school starts back - every parent's reminder of just how fast their kids are growing up.  Then there's the excitement of "friday night lights".  I can just imagine sitting in the stands, freezing under a blanked cheering on my team!  And no matter how hard you try to delay it, there's that little tingle of anticipation for the holiday season!

Fall is also the perfect time of year for family pictures.

Here's why I think so:

1. The weather.  It's cooler. Everyone is happier and more agreeable when they aren't covered in sweat.  So if you're considering outdoor portraits, the cooler weather is one of the top reasons fall is the best time for family portraits.

2. You have more clothing options.  In the summer, nobody wants to wear more than shorts and a t-shirt, and for most of us, that's not usually the most flattering clothing - especially for a family portrait. But in the fall you can easily wear jeans, and long sleeves, or even consider really dressing up.  You might even get away with layering, or accessories. Items such as hats, scarves, and light jackets are actually options! More choices means you and your family can look your absolute best!

3. You're still rocking that summer tan!   After months of being outside and floating the river, you've got some nice color going on.  But if you're like me, next spring you'll be back to being "white as a ghost", so fall is a better choice because of that golden glow.

4. Fall clothing colors are the best choice for a portrait.  In the spring, we all want to wear bright colors and busy patterns.  But these tend to be distracting, and make a photograph busy and cluttered.  However, the earthy tones of fall clothing look great on almost anyone, and the colors go well with most any home decorating style.  With these softer colors, your portrait is going to look amazing in your home today, and 20 years from now!

5. Family photos make great holiday gifts. We all have parents who have everything under the sun. They don't need (or want) another toaster, or television, or ugly Christmas sweater. But there's not a grandparent on the planet that wouldn't treasure a new photograph of their children and grandchildren. Family is everything to them. Not only will they treasure that photograph, but they'll probably show it to every person that comes to visit. A 'trophy” if you will, of how proud they are of the people they love most.

Don't keep putting your family portrait off.
We hear it in the studio all the time... "We haven't done a family portrait since our kids were babies." So many families delay getting a family portrait made because, well... life happens! The next thing you know, your kids have grown up and you wonder where the time has gone. Right now - this is the only chance you have to capture a portrait of your family just as it is today. And though they don't realize it now, imagine how much your kids will one day treasure a portrait that includes the entire family - especially Mom!

In this “instant gratification” world of technology, give them the gift of a beautiful heirloom portrait that can be passed down for many generations to come.

-Sandy Flint

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