Sandy Flint

Portrait Artist

Fine art family portraits that say who you are.

Time flies.

Life goes from first anniversary to first steps in the blink of an eye.

And those milestones – they just keep adding up.

Holding onto today is impossible, no matter how hard we try.

But portraits help us remember this time – and all of its little details – forever.

Portraits that make your heart skip a beat.

Hi, I’m Sandy Flint.

I’ve been a photographer for most of my life. You may know me as the kid in high school that didn’t go anywhere without my camera.

Over the years, I have photographed just about everything – from scenery and animals to crop dusters and exotic cars! But my true passion has always been about telling people’s stories.

Everyone has a story to tell. Sometimes it takes a little time and conversation to understand it, but it’s always there. My favorite stories are the ones that involve the heart – true love, life-long friendship, or the pride a mother feels for her children.

Nothing makes me prouder than when someone trusts me with the task of capturing that perfect portrait of their family, and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the look on their faces when they see their final portrait for the very first time.

My goal is to create portraits that bring out the pride and love you have for your family. I want your portrait to make you smile every day, and tug at your heart when it unexpectedly captures your eye.

A process that’s easy.

From planning your portrait session to designing your final artwork, I’ll work with you every step of the way.

You don’t have portraits made very often, but I do it every day. And I’ll share what I have learned over the years with you – so you can stress less.

Having portraits made may seem like a daunting task.

Choosing clothing, deciding where you want to hang your portrait, and getting the family on board are just a few of the challenges many people face when having a portrait created.

You only have portraits made every now and then, but I do it every day.  I’ll help you every step of the way through the portrait process, so you can focus on your family, and having fun.

During your session, I’ll handle all of the little details that will make everyone look their best, so you focus on your family, and having fun.

If you like, I’ll even personally deliver and hang your portrait in your home.  So there will be one less thing on that “honey-do” list.

We let you, be you.

No matter your style or family dynamic, we’re going to create beautiful portraits that reflect who you are, and we’ll have fun doing it.

Because it’s more than a portrait.

It’s a bookmark to this time in life; a vehicle for many wonderful trips down memory lane.

A legacy.

A legacy for generations to come.

My job would be incomplete if your portraits were faded, discolored, or lost in just a few short years. so we use only the finest materials and techniques – the same ones used by museums – to create your artwork.

Because your portraits should be a legacy that will stand the test of time.

I put my heart into your portraits.

I understand their importance, and appreciate the trust you put in me to create them.

So, I will take great care to make sure every detail is absolutely perfect.

Because your portraits should be even more amazing that you imagined they even could be.

Sandy Flint

I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your amazing family.

We’ll talk about your family, and start creating a vision for your portraits.  We can even discuss ways to get Dad and the kids on board with minimal hassle. The no-pressure call is complimentary.

Ready to get started?