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Portraits for children that are classic and timeless, but not stuffy or boring.


For these adorable young ladies, I wanted to create children's portraits that were different.  Their portraits had to represent what it's like to be a 4 or 6 year old, but still be elegant and classic enough so they will love them even more 50 years from now.

I believe a truly great portrait is about more than what you look like.  It should help you remember the emotions too.

My goal was to capture the special bond of sisterhood, and the promise of what lies ahead..  From the clowning around and laughing sisters will always do, to the early stages of that lifelong bond that will never be matched, I wanted to capture the essence of their young lives.

Like most girls,they were a little shy at first, but once we got them into the portrait studio and started photographing them, they warmed up pretty quickly.

We created the more serious images first - while we had the chance.  Because we all know that once you get sisters laughing, you'll probably never get them to stop.

Then we let them be themselves.

They laughed, they ate candy, they danced...and of course, they laughed some more.

The end result is a fantastic set of children's portraits that show both the colorful and fun nature of their childhood, as well as the tenderness of their blossoming love for each other.

I can only imagine how important these portraits will be to them, when they have children and grandchildren of their own.



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