Fall is Family Portrait Time

No matter who you consider family!

Houston black and white family portrait photographer Sandy Flint creates family portraits for non-traditional families.

Because, your family is, at least in part, who you choose it to be. It doesn't matter if they're related or not, or even if they're human - you love them just the same!

Family Portraits - Two moms and a baby
Two Mommies and their Newborn - Same Sex Family Portraits

We create family portraits for all kinds of families. It doesn't matter how non-”traditional” you are.

If your family has a mom and a dad, or two moms or two dads, or a mom and a step-dad - IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER. They are the people that you love and consider your family. You should celebrate them.

Family Personality - Family portraits that show your crazy side!
Family Personality - Family Portraits that show your crazy side!

No matter how your family is configured, we're happy to help you celebrate it with a beautiful family portrait. One that tells the story of who you are. One that expresses your style and personality and maybe even the quirky things you do together...as family.

Your family has a story to tell, and we would love to help you tell it.

All of our family portraits are custom designed with your style, your personality, and your family in mind.  We want to be sure that you not only love your portrait - but that it says something about who you are!

Schedule a complimentary, no obligation portrait design consultation to learn more about how we work with you from the very beginning until the time your portrait is hanging on your wall in your home.