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Group Headshots

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What are your employee headshots saying about your organization?

Are they projecting the right image in your company directory, email footers, and social media profiles?

Why do you have employee headshots that most of your employees probably hate?

Having consistent, quality headshots of your employees shows you care about your brand and your reputation, and they demonstrate to your customers and prospects that you operate on a professional level.

Imagine the impact when a job candidate researches your organization on LinkedIn, and they find consistent, great looking images of your employees. They are going to immediately know that you value your employees and that they are viewed as an important part of your company.

Customizable Group Headshot Solutions that are Easy and Effective

modern headshots

Corporate headshots don’t have to be boring.

  • Your corporate headshots can have a customized look and feel so they are consistent with your organization’s image and brand.
  • Our (optional) modern image format that looks great, but also shows that you are an organization that embraces modern standards, techniques and business practices.

Group headshots don’t have to be difficult.

We make the process quick and easy for you and your employees.

We offer

  • in-studio or on-site headshots
  • single or multi-station setups
  • pre-scheduled or walk-up appointments
  • on-site image selection – your employees are guaranteed to get a headshot they love

Our Exclusive “How to Prepare for Your Headshot” is included!

This electronic guide can be easily distributed to your employees and includes:

  • choosing the best clothing
  • hair and makeup tips for both men and women
  • an overview of what to expect

Our Natural Retouching helps employees look their very best.

Our lighting and photography techniques are designed to make your employees look their very best without any additional work. But just in case, we include basic retouching to:

  • remove blemishes
  • soften and smooth skin,
  • leave them looking natural and genuine.

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