Three portraits of a tween girl

Local photographer creates photo shoot experience that will boost
your tween's self esteem.

The tween years (between the ages of 9 and 12) can be tough years - often filled with stress and self doubt. Remembering those trying years, photographer Sandy Flint set out to develop a photo shoot experience that would allow tweens to embrace the person that they are becoming, and help boost their self esteem.

“I remember those difficult years - trying to balance my individuality while still somehow managing to fit in.” said Flint. “The growth spurts and acne alone made it awkward, but it was also a time when I was making new friends and developing my own interests.”

At this stage, many kids are striving to develop their own unique self identity, but they're not quite ready to stand out as being “different”.

“As a photographer, I know this is one of the least photographed times in a child's life.” said Flint. “These are important, transformative years. It's also a parent's last chance to get portraits of the small child they want to hold onto forever, and their first chance to get portraits of the fine young adult they are already so proud of.”

Flint wanted to create an experience that would help kids embrace the challenges that their tween years throw at them, and allow them to become more comfortable with who they are becoming.

“I wanted these kids to be able to express themselves in a way that was fun, and not threatening.” said Flint.

In response, he developed a photo shoot where the kids are in charge. “They get to decide what clothes they wear, and which of their interests we photograph.” said Flint. “ For many kids, this is their first real chance to express themselves the way they want to. But, they also have to enjoy the experience, so during the photo shoot, we laugh, and goof around, and just have fun.”

“It works.” said Flint. “Between the “model like” photo shoot and seeing images that look amazing, these kids seem more confident about who they are. Moms tell me all the time that this experience brought their child out of their shell.”

But there's also an added bonus. Because the experience is all about the kids, there is no moaning, groaning, or pouting about having to have their portrait made. “So, Mom gets beautiful portraits that genuinely reflect who their child is - without all the fuss. These are portraits that will help her remember and cherish this amazing time, forever.” said Flint.

Sandy Flint is a fine art portrait photographer specializing in heirloom quality portraits of families and pets. His work hangs in homes across the country and has been published internationally. He is based in the Greater Houston area with studios in Sealy, Tx, and central Houston.



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