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Fine Art Pet Portraits

Because she's more than just "the dog".

We get it.  We love our pets too!

They're not just cats and dogs.  They are our friends and companions.

We treat them like royalty.

They make each day special, from the time spent playing together, to just sitting quietly when we've had a long day.

Day in and day out, pets make our lives better and that's why we love creating beautiful pet portraits you will cherish for many years to come.

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Fine Art Pet Portraits

In 4 easy steps...


Vision & Planning

In person or over the phone, together we'll craft a vision and a plan for your perfect portraits.



Portrait Session

I'll take care of making sure you look great, you focus on having fun.



Together, we will select your favorites, design your final portrait display, and finalize your order.



I am happy to arrange delivery & installation of your wall portraits. Because it's not finished until it's properly installed.

Your custom pet portrait begins with a conversation.

Beautiful portraits don't start with a camera, they start with a plan.

So let's talk about your pet(s), and the things that will make your portraits extra special.

We can even brainstorm some portrait ideas you will love.

It's a free call that will leave you excited about the possibilities for your pet's portraits.

Why not set it up today?

Pet portraits - pets and their people | Flint Photography | Greater Houston
Framed portrait of a dog made near Houston

Houston Pet Portraits

We do pet portraits just like we do all of our other fine art portraits - with great care and attention to capturing your fur-ball's personality and style.

From their smile to the funny way they look at you when they're not ready to quit playing, our portraits will forever remind you of their special place in your heart.

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