Framed senior portrait hanging in a home in Houston

Senior Portraits in Houston

For this handsome young man, senior portraits in Houston meant going downtown for the cool urban feel.

Many people are surprised how many different looks you can get in downtown Houston - from the sleek glass and steel, to the lush greenery in the park areas.  It's a great place to get a bunch of different looks - from casual to very dressed up.

Picking the right location for senior pictures is important.

We recommend that our clients choose locations only after they have a "vision" in mind for their images.  That's not something they walk usually into the studio on their first visit with.  But that's ok.


As part of our Senior Portrait Consultation, we're going to sit down with you and your mom, and we'll  talk about what each of you is looking for in your final portraits.  We'll ask a lot of questions like "What kind of clothes do you wear when you go out with your friends?" and "Mom, where do you plan to hang these portraits in your home?"

These and many other questions allow us to work with you to craft a vision that we then build the photo shoot around.

If your favorite past times are at the family farm, then we won't suggest doing your senior portraits in Houston.  Nope, let's to go the farm.

It's all part of our process to bring your style and personality into your senior portraits.

Ready to plan your ultimate senior portraits?

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