Senior portraits - Taylor HS Friends by Sandy Flint

Senior portraits with friends.

Including your friends is a fun, unique senior portrait experience.


Our "Senior Portraits With Friends" sessions allow your to celebrate one of the best things about high school: your friends. These aren't just the kids you grew up with. They're the people you hung out with no matter what. They were your sounding board, and your very own personal advice column. These are the people who picked up you when you needed a boost, and brought you back to reality when you got a little too big for your britches. They made you laugh and cry, and will never let you forget that really embarrassing thing you did your Junior year.

Some of these friendships will last for the rest of your life.

Jared's interests include hunting and fishing, and he loves being outdoors. He also cherishes his friends - and the experiences they shared together. When we were planning his photo shoot, we took all of these things into consideration. Together, we developed a concept for senior pictures that included them all.

During his shoot, it was easy to tell that he and his friends love joking around.. But they also knew when to be serious and get the job done - so they could go back to horsing around.

We created one of our extreme art senior portraits for him and combined off of these things into one stunning, completely custom portrait.

To make it even more special, we worked closely with our professional lab to customize the final image. The result is a one-of-a-kind senior portrait. One that will always help him remember this incredible time in his life, and the friends that made it so amazing.

As with all of our senior portraits - we specifically create images the senior wants, but also ones Mom will love.


All of our Senior Portraits start with a phone call.

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