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3 Secrets for Stress Free Senior Portraits


High school seniors have changed a lot since I was one, and so have senior portraits. With all of the new options available, having senior pictures made can be stressful - especially for your first senior. While the entire process can seem a bit overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. With just a little bit of effort, you'll find yourself breezing through it.

Here are our top 3 suggestions for stress-free senior portraits.


1. Have an idea of what you and your senior are both looking for.

You both want images you'll love, but chances are good that you have different ideas on what those images look like. By talking with your senior (and your photographer) ahead of time, you're both more likely to get what you're looking for.


2. Don't "wing it" when it comes to your photo shoot.

Have a plan.

A good plan may look like this:

  • fashion inspired images in an urban setting for the fashionista in your daughter
  • something a little more classic for mom and ...
  • styled images at the soda shop on the corner.

Knowing these details will make it a lot easier to select clothing, hairstyle(s), and all of the other details that go into a great photo shoot.


3. Choose the right photographer.

A photographer that really cares about creating images you will love will help you every step of the way. They will

  • work with you to understand what you and your senior are looking for
  • offer suggestions for locations and clothing
  • help you choose your absolute favorite images in a way that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


We hope these suggestions help you get amazing senior portraits without all the worry and stress. A little planning goes a long way!

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