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Tween Portraits | Houston

A unique, empowering portrait experience for kids ages 9-12.


It's not easy being a tween. It can be awkward, challenging, and intimidating. It's a time that can be full of uncertainty and self doubt.

Our tween portraits are designed to embrace and celebrate the changes they are going through.

We'll explore their creative side, celebrate their accomplishments, and embrace their passion, But most of all, we'll encourage them to be who they want to be!

The Tween Portrait Photo Shoot

The photo shoot is fun, and unscripted. Your tween will laugh, and make funny faces, but they'll also show their more serious side.

Tween portrait sessions have the uncanny ability to inspire confidence and boost self esteem.

For the first time, your tween will see themselves the way their loved ones see them.

Three portraits of a tween girl

This is no ordinary kids portrait session.

This is more than your typical kids photography. Our Tween photo shoots are designed just for kids ages 9-12.

They'll get to wear their favorite clothes (and maybe one of Mom's favorite outfits too), and express themselves however they want.

We encourage them to bring things that inspire them. Items that will help them show the things they love to do, or whatever they are passionate about (sports, music, religion, video games, magic, etc.).

Tween sessions are held in our portrait studio only. This means we don't have to worry about wind, rain, bugs, or the heat.

Sessions can last up to 2 hours. (But they are really fun, so the time will fly!)

These once in a lifetime portraits are beautiful, heirloom quality children's portraits that are designed to be treasured for many generations to come.

See Samantha's Full Session

Portrait collections for tweens

Portrait products just for tweens

While all of our normal studio portrait products are available, we also have some special items just for tweens.

Quote Collections.

Our most popular tween product is our Quote Collection. We'll combine the images from your session with an inspiring, thoughtful quote from your tween, or one of the most important adults in their life. The end result is an emotional portrait display that celebrates who they are, and the love you have for them.

Your tween portraits start with a phone call.


All of our tween portrait sessions begin with a short conversation.

We'll talk about what makes your tween special, and answer all of your questions.

The call is free, so schedule yours today!