Can you schedule a portrait session safely during this time?  Yes, and here is how we do it.

We know your health and safety is your primary concern and you may be asking if having a portrait session is still possible and how.  In many ways, we have designed it so it is actually safer than going to a supermarket.


We have always, and continue to work by appointment ONLY.   We work with our clients individually, not as part of a group. Your appointment time is your own.  Other than Sandy and possibly an assistant, no one else will be allowed in the studio.

Social distancing is actually almost automatic with sessions outdoors. In studio, we are usually well beyond 6ft apart and additionally we wear masks.

Consultations and sometimes purchasing sessions can be scheduled virtually.  If you've worked with us before, these are simple options and if you are new to working with us, we can walk you through it if needed.

We are used to working with children and taking the precautions for their health safety.  It is routine for us to have to clean and sanitize between sessions to ensure the safety of the little ones, so we understand what must be done during this time for everyone.

Use your judgement.  If you either have symptoms and feel you can't make your appointment or have questions for us, just let us know.