Sandy Flint Portrait Artist & Family Photographer

Sandy Flint

Portrait Artist | Photographer


My philosophy is that good enough, simply isn't.


My name is Sandy Flint. I am a portrait artist specializing in heirloom portraits for families and children.

While I have been a photographer my entire life, I opened my first dedicated portrait studio in 2012 near Houston, Tx. My focus is timeless, classic portraits that are not only beautiful, but that families will enjoy for many generations to come.

Classically trained portrait artists are becoming increasingly more difficult to find. In an effort to preserve their time-tested portrait and photographic techniques, I continually seek out and train with some of the best portrait artists in the world.

Learning the techniques of great portrait artists isn't enough. I llso continues to learn from master printers, and framers who are experts in preservation and framing techniques.


“It's not enough to create a beautiful portrait. It has to be printed, and displayed in a way that is not only complimentary to, but also protects the artwork. Proper techniques and materials are the best way to preserve a portrait for many generations to come.”

Sandy Flint