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7 Senior Portrait Ideas

Ideas other seniors aren't even thinking about.


Today's high school seniors want more creative senior portrait ideas. They want to fit in, but they want their senior pictures to be "totally unique" too. Seniors don't get excited about images of them standing next to a brick wall, or leaned up against a tree.  They want unique senior portrait ideas.

But it's getting harder to find unique ideas online because you have to wade through so many "unique senior picture ideas" that are anything but unique.

Here is our list of creative ideas you can use to help your senior portraits stand out from the crowd. How far you take them...well, that's totally up to you.

First up....

Destination senior poretraits at the beach by Houston senior photographer Sandy Flint | Flint Photography

1.  Go Somewhere Amazing!

Make their senior portraits an adventure. Combine her love of fashion with a trip to New York (or Paris even!) and an amazing on-location photo shoot. For your extreme sports enthusiast, maybe race car driving in the Nevada desert is in order. Not only do you get totally unique senior portraits, but you're going to make incredible memories your entire family will cherish for the rest of your lives.

2.  Embrace their passion

What do they absolutely love to do? Maybe it's sports or dance, or maybe it's glass blowing or the flying trapeze. Their passion is what makes them unique, so embrace it in their senior portraits. Maybe they are passionate about more than one thing, and that's ok. There is probably a way to combine them. Just be careful their "passion" isn't something they just picked up last week. It could be a short-lived phase.

Sports senior portrait of baseball player - Houston, Tx | Flint Photography | Sandy Flint
Friends senior pictures together by Sandy Flint | Flint Photography

3.  Include their friends

What better way to make their senior portraits original than by including their friends? Plan a fun outing to some of their favorite places, with individual and group photo shoots at each stop along the way.

Treat your daughter and a few of her closest friends to a "girls day out". Shopping at their favorite boutique, lunch at that soda shop they love to hang out in, and a stop by the fountain in front of the school for a little "wading and splashing".

For the guys maybe it's off to check out some custom hot rods, lunch at their favorite BBQ joint and wrapping up with the 4 wheelers they love to ride at the ranch. The whole point is it should be a fun day they will enjoy with their closest friends.

This is another one of those senior portrait ideas that other seniors aren't even considering - but everyone who does it, talks about how much fun it is.

4.  Bring their dog

You love that four-legged fur ball more than you love bacon! So don't be shy about including them in your photo shoot. Just be sure you talk about your pet with your photographer before the shoot. We photograph lots of seniors with their pets, and are happy to do the same for you, but we want to make sure that your pet is as prepared for the photo shoot as you are, so let's plan it ahead of time!

senior pictures with a dog
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Senior portrait of a guy with his jeep in a river by Sandy Flint | Flint Photography

5.  Bring their car

Their car is their pride and joy.  Those wheels will be taking them on on the first major journey of their life! So let's include them in their senior portraits! And don't think this is just for the guys. We photograph as many girls with their cars as we do guys!

6.  Bring their game

Your sport has been a huge part of your high school career, and you want to celebrate what you've accomplished. From simple on-field shots to our Extreme Sports images - we've got you - and your sport - covered!

High school senior portrait of a volleyball player by Sandy Flint | Flint Photography | Houston
Senior Portraits made near Katy, Tx

7.  Bring accessories & props

One of the easiest senior picture ideas is to bring along the accessories or props you love! From those awesome shades that are “totally you”, to that necklace your grandmother gave you, accessories help make your senior pictures more unique and help your personality shine through.

Remember: All of these senior portrait ideas involve at least a little extra effort (or maybe a LOT of extra effort), but that effort is going to go a long way towards memorable senior portraits.

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